FOX 2 Fitness Challenge sees results

Eight weeks has come and gone - and so has several pounds and inches from the people who took part in Berkley Fit Body Bootcamp's spring challenge.

Two of our producers from The Nine participated in the challenge. Lisa Allen and Connie Smith also gave up sugar and dairy during the challenge.

Connie lost 5 lbs. and Lisa has lost 7 lbs. total. Lisa tells us her full body scan at the end of the challenge revealed she lost 10 lbs. in fat total and gained 2 lbs. in muscle.

FOX 2 Fitness Challenge: No sugar, no dairy for 8 weeks

Husband and wife duo Sean and Karey Passanen, who have encouraged and motivated each other throughout their weight loss journey with Berkley Fit Body Bootcamp also joined us on The Nine to tell us their story. Sean is down 18 lbs. and Karey has lost 77 lbs.

You can hear from them and boot camp owner and trainer Barrett Henson in the video player above.

You can look back on Connie and Lisa's adventure on our FOX 2 21-Day Challenge Weight Loss group on Facebook.

You can learn more about Berkley Fit Body Boot Camp here. The gym offers 30-minute workouts several times on weekday mornings and evenings. The classes vary from cardio to HIIT to strength training.