Garrido's Bistro prepares cedar-grilled salmon

There is plenty of Latin flavor at Garrido's Bistro and Pastry in Grosse Pointe Woods.

Vanessa Gonzalez joins Fox 2 to make cedar-grilled salmon.

Cedar-Grilled Salmon

Yield: 4 servings


4  8-Oz. Alaskan Wild-Caught Salmon fillets, skin on
4  Cedar Wood Sheets
1  1-Gallon Zippered Bag
½ cup Dry White Wine

Suggested side options:

8 Large Sea Scallops, or Large Peeled and Deveined Shrimp, and/or 20 Asparagus stalks, trimmed

For the marinade:

2 cups Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
4 cloves Garlic, minced
½ tsp. Cayenne Pepper
½ tsp. Paprika
4 tbsp. Dill Weed, chopped
Salt, to taste
Freshly ground Black Pepper, to taste


1. Combine all the ingredients for the marinade and mix well.

2. Place the salmon fillets in the zippered bag and add the wine and approximately half of the marinade, just enough to cover the salmon fillets on all sides, reserve the rest of the marinade. Place the bag in a flat surface and close it, trying to squeeze all the air out. Let the salmon rest in the marinade for at least 20 minutes.

3. Heat the grill.

4. Dampen the cedar wood sheets with water, you could use a spray bottle or place water on a container that can fit the cedar wood sheets up to 1-inch high, and soak each sheet in it for a minute. Make sure that the wood is wet on both sides, to prevent them from burning on the grill too fast.

5. When the salmon is done marinating, place the cedar wood sheets on the grill, well spaced apart. Brush the top side of the cedar wood sheets with the reserved marinade. Place each salmon fillet on one cedar sheet, skin-side up.

6. Let cook until you can see on the side of the fillets that the bottom half of the salmon is cooked, it will look lighter in color and opaque. At this point they are ready to be flipped to cook on the other side. Test if you can get a spatula between the fillet and the wood, it should be easy, if the fish sticks to the wood it means that it needs to cook a little longer before flipping.

7. Once you flip the salmon fillets, you can add the side of your choice to the cedar wood sheets, next to each salmon fillet, the sides only need half the cooking time of the salmon. Add the scallops or shrimp or asparagus and baste with the reserved marinade. If you are cooking asparagus, turn them often so they are crispy on all sides. If you are cooking scallops or shrimp, you can flip them when they are half-way cooked. You can check the scallops with the same technique as the salmon, you will see the bottom-half of the side of the scallop turning opaque (they are almost clear when raw). For the shrimp, they start turning bright pink-orange and opaque as they cook.

8. When both the salmon and the sides are ready, transfer each cedar wood sheet with the salmon and side to a plate and serve while warm.