Get off the beaten restaurant path at 2FOG's in Howell

Typically when visiting a new city, visitors want to stay on the beaten path - but in the heart of downtown Howell, a rewarding experience is waiting in a back alley no one would think to check.

2FOG's is a speakeasy of sorts. There's no secret password to get in, but it is underground, and in the basement of three 1870's era buildings.

2FOG's owner Joe Parker has been a business man for a long time, but never in his wildest dreams did he think the idea of opening a bar with no front door entrance would be so successful that his seating space would triple in less than two years.

Not only does Joe serve up some of the finest craft cocktails in all of Livingston County, he also whips up some of the best food in the area, according to restaurant goers.

2FOG's started out with mainly small plates, but now after a massive expansion, Joe has a brand new state-of-the-art kitchen. The menu at  2FOG's is very diverse, with something to please most palates all at a very reasonable price.

2FOG's has become quite the destination location on weekends, with people driving from all over to pay Joe's speakeasy a visit.

For hours of operation and more information, head to the website at