Get trapped in a room with a zombie, solve clues to escape

Sixty minutes. Multiple clues. One angry zombie.

Located in a small room on the second floor of the Penobscot Building in downtown Detroit is a zombie chained to the wall. And if you choose to enter the room? You better be smart enough to work your way out.

"It's a little bit of "Minute To Win It", a little bit of Sherlock Holmes and a little bit of run-around-and-not-get-eaten-by-zombie. It's very difficult. You must bring in thinking caps, and you must work together as a team, and you must find clues to find the key to escape," explains Professor Van Gutenburg. To add more pressure, every five minutes the zombie gets an extra foot length of chain.

The back story? A freak accident brought this zombie to Detroit.

"It was a terrible accident. Dr. Roxy is a famous neuroscientist and was working a cure for virus mutation when an accidental prick of a needle infected him with a mutated strain. In the last moments of conscious awareness, he constructed a room so as not to infect the rest of the world, and chained himself inside," says the professor.

FOX 2's Derek Kevra was there and followed the journey of a group from Inteva. Were they smart enough to figure out the clues? You can watch part of their time in the room and hear what they thought of the experience in the video player below.

Click here if you cannot see the video. 

To learn more, check out their website at Sessions hold up to 12 escapees at a time, but you do not need to have an entire group of 12. You also must schedule your experience ahead of time.

Escape Plans Michigan is also open year-round, not just during the Halloween season.