Greater Farmington Area Founders Festival

Ideal Bite Catering's Matthew Lange came to The Nine kitchen to demo "Ole Skool Southern Mac & Cheese" and giving us the details on the annual Greater Farmington Area Founders Festival. Watch in the video player above.

The festival, presented by Meijer, returns this year for its 55th celebration of summer with new attractions including an expansion into the city's Shiawassee Park. A soft opening for the Beer Tent starts at 5:00 pm Thursday, July 18, while the full festival runs from July 19 through 21. 

The festival will be bringing back some traditional events like the parade on Grand River Avenue, the Bingo Tent, Beer Tent, and live music. Several new features including fireworks Saturday night, a children's carnival, and a pig roast.

Look for additional details, program updates and schedules at or on Greater Farmington Founders Festival Facebook page .

Old Skool Southern Mac & Cheese  
32 oz chicken stock ( or more depending on how much you're making) 
3 ½ cup elbow pasta 8 cups of cheese of choice 
2 cups whole milk 
1 ½  cup of heavy cream 
3 eggs 
¾  cups of sour cream 
Seasoning such as paprika 1 tsp salt tbsp, pepper, onion powder tbsp, garlic powder 1 tbsp (taste as you mix adjust the seasoning) 
1 stick of butter (plus a little more to grease the pan) 
Notes* only cool the pasta until it is still has a little bite to it about 7-8 minutes… the pasta will continue to cook once it is placed in the oven to bake 
Handwritten part: Cook pasta in chicken broth 
Mix butter into pasta 
Mix sour cream into pasta 
Mix paprika, onions and garlic powder into pasta 
Mix cheese into pasta 
Make custard with egg, cream and milk 
Salt and pepper- whisk 
Butter pan Layer pasta and cheese and custard into pan ending with cheese 
 sprinkle with paprika bake until golden