How to get ahead in the workplace

Are you new on the job? Or, maybe kind of stuck in a rut at your current job? 

Darcy Miller, a workplace expert and skills trainer, has some advice on how to get a leg up in the workplace. 

Here are the 5 ways interns, recent grads and new hires can get a leg up in the workplace:

1.       Understand your company culture - what's the tone of the workplace?
2.       Quickly get up to speed on your boss or direct supervisor's work and communication style, schedule and preferences 
3.       Polish your email, phone and voicemail communications to fit the professional setting and to showcase your personal brand
4.       Don't be a lone wolf - build your team working skills through collaboration. To get the best results, tweak your communication style to your audience
5.       Be easy to work with and likable by showing your fun side, your authenticity and your vulnerability 

Darcy is from Courtesy on the Job. 

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