Ikea acquires TaskRabbit, founded by Detroiter

Need someone to come over and hang heavy artwork? Or putting together some furniture you don't have the tools for? A Michigan native has come up with the answer for that.

Stacy Brown Philpot is now the CEO of the tech company TaskRabbit, which matches freelance laborers with customers who need help. Detroiters can use the service, or become a tasker, literally today.

"Entrepreneurship is about the hustle, and everyone in Detroit has that Detroit hustle," she says.

Raised by her single mom on the city's west side, Stacy knows strong women and embraces the idea of being a role model to younger girls.

"Every young girl should think about herself, her future, the economic future she wants to create for her family, and be a part of the solution to create that. She can do it," she says.

In late September, Ikea announced it had acquired TaskRabbit - with the idea that "taskers" can help set up the sometimes confusing furniture instructions. Stacy will remain CEO.

For more information or to sign up, visit www.taskrabbit.com