Irish creme brulee with Cantoro Italian Market

Baker Katie Klann of Cantoro Italian Market and Bakery joined us on The Nine to show us how to make Irish creme brulee, which can wow a crowd at your St. Patrick's Day celebration. 

You can watch in the video player above, and get her recipe below. 

8oz heavy cream
8 oz Baileys
1/2 cup sugar
1Tablespoon Vanilla bean paste
1Tablespoon coffee extract or 1 shot espresso
10 oz egg yolk (approx. 10 yolks)

Place Cream, Bailey's and sugar on stove, whisking until sugar is dissolved. Heat until scalding, not boiling

Place egg yolks into a bowl. Slowly ladle the hot cream mixture over the egg yolks while whisking the yolks. After 1/2 cream mixture is in with yolks, pour yolks into cream mixture in the pot and whisk until combined. Portion into your ramekins.

Bake *225 approx. 24 minutes

Yields 12 2 oz. ramekins