Italian Film Festival USA of Metro Detroit returns April 4-29

The Italian Film Festival USA of metro Detroit is back.

Here to tell us all about it is festival committee member Enzo Paglia.

"Funne" will be at Wayne State University and Michigan State University with special appearances by director Katia Bernardi and co-producer Davide Valentini at both screenings.

"Easy" will be at Michigan State University this weekend and at Chippewa Valley High School on April 20, with a special appearance by director Andrea Magnani.

"Funne" - A joyous documentary about a lively group of women whose mantra is "Dreams do not age!" 

"Easy" - An overweight, former race car driver is offered an "easy" job: drive a coffin to Ukraine. Can he do it?

These 2 are also at Wayne State this weekend:

"The Order of Things" An immigration agent is faced with a choice: respect his orders and the law,or help someone who is in difficulty.

"Holding Hands" - A family moves into an apartment next to retired attorney Lorenzo. The joy of living returns to him, until one day their lives are shaken by tragedy. *Won a     David di Donatello award for Best Actor.

These are from closing weekend at Detroit Film Theatre:

"Cucini" -  A journey into the flavors of the Neapolitan gastronomic traditions through the eyes and memory of five cooks. *Special appearance by director Ciro Fabbricino and     producer Giosuè Silvestro

"The Last Prosecco" - A mystery unfolds in the hills of the Veneto region where Prosecco grapes are grown.*Special appearance by director Antonio Padovan and co-producer Alessia Gatti

"Friends By Chance"    - A young caregiver and his friends take an aging poet on a trip in search of a treasure, but find it in their own hearts.