Knockerball craze comes to southeast Michigan

Knockerball is southeast Michigan's newest craze.

As one little player describes it to FOX 2's Derek Kevra -- "basically, you just knock people down."

Well, he's not wrong, but that's only one of many games you can play in these big balloons.

"There's a lot of different games you can play; most people start with soccer except its a little more fun than traditional soccer. But there's other games you can play where you just go and hit each other and try not to fall down," explains Jason Carpenter. He's the owner of Knockerball. It's centered in Ann Arbor and Detroit but, really, he'll go anywhere.

"We come to your location, so we don't have a field, Welll go to a local park or we'll come to your backyard or an indoor place, wherever you want us - we'll come," he says.

Derek tried it out and says it's a bit of a workout, as the balls weigh about 15-20 lbs., but it's also a lot of fun.

For more information, visit Rentals are priced by the the number of Knockerballs you want (6, 8 or 10) and the amount of time you want to play (1.5 hours, 2.5 hours or 3 hours).

Co-ed leagues are now forming and kids summer camps are available, too.