Living the Life: Are you a uniform dresser?

Women have an abundance of options when it comes to fashion and style. Some people choose to wear the same thing all the time. It's called uniform dressing.

Some say wearing the same thing everyday can make you a more successful person at work, and that it simplifies your life.

For example, actress Jamie Lee Curtis only wears neutral colors. She also says every year, she only buys three or four black dresses and doesn't wear any jewelry. Actress Jennifer Aniston also has a fashion uniform of sorts. She is often seen in tank tops and jeals, and a cool leather jacket.

It boils down to this -- figuring out what looks good at you, and repeating it in your outfit every day. Sherry Margolis says she has a uniform of sorts with her casual looks. She often wears jeans and only black tops.

Personal stylist Lena Porter joined us for this Living the Life segment to tell us about the pros and cons of having a fashion uniform. You can watch in the video player above.

She also suggests, if you don't want to be known for "that one thing" with your wardrobe, you can rotate your group of outfits every season. Have a look for running errands, a dressier look, etc. that you can just go through when the seasons change. 

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