Made in Michigan: Cold brew coffee

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It's summertime, so a hot cup of coffee might not be the coolest idea. But Prospectors Cold Brew Coffee could be your solution - and it's made right here in Michigan.  But Prospectors Cold Brew  has been making their Michigan-made cold coffee beverage for two years now, and has perfected the flavor and process.  
Prospectors ready-to-drink, cold brew beverage, is now taking over the east side of the state, and is now available in 25 Kroger stores and several specialty food stores in the greater Detroit area, as well as Spartan stores, D&W, Fresh Thyme and other fresh markets across the state. Even Starbucks has recently added it to their menu.
Made by hand with the best organic, fair-trade coffee, and balanced with fresh mint, Prospectors Cold Brew coffee is a healthy option for those who are watching their sugar intake but still want to enjoy a cold, caffeinated beverage.
Watch to see how to use Cold Brew Coffee as a secret ingredient in some delicious summer drinks.

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