'Maire's Journey to the Sea' showing Oct. 15

"Maire's Journey to the Sea" tells the real life story of the last months of a young woman's life, and the journey she would go on afterward.

You can catch a showing of the film on October 15 in Royal Oak. A new book on Maire's story will also debut during the film's showing.

The book chronicles the life of 24-year-old Army veteran Maire Kent and her courageous battle against cardiac sarcoma cancer, and ultimately, her touching afterlife journey.

Her final wish, inspired by her favorite children's book, "Paddle to the Sea," was to be cremated and placed in a small wooden sailboat and set sail in Lake Michigan in hopes of reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

The film will be playing at the Royal Starr Film Festival at 3 p.m. The book will be available for purchase immediately after. Book signings by Author Keith Famie and Carpenter George Wurtzel will also be available at this time.

To learn more about the festival and purchase tickets, visit www.royalstarrfilmfestival.com