Makeup tips and ideas for prom

It's the end of the school year - we made it! For most high schoolers, that means it's prom season. Finding the perfect prom dress is key, and the next step is complementing it with the right makeup and hairstyle. Flip Salon in Ferndale shared some hair and makeup tips with us.

Professional makeup artist Tiffany Elie says they're seeing a lot of pastel dresses this season, and the softer colors call for a more natural makeup look. She says defined brows are very much in right now, too.

She says choose either your eyes or lips to go bold. Doing both will look too heavy for a spring event and in those outdoor photos.

"The other key is to focus on powder," she adds. "A setting powder is essential; it takes down any shine that will show up in pictures. Make sure there's no SPF that you're using in your moisturizer because that refracts the light and it'll end up looking white when you put your foundation and your makeup on."

She recommends always doing your makeup in natural light.

Another trend this prom season is Old Hollywood Glamour.

"Some of my favorite styles are the cat eye, that has been really popular for the last couple years, but I'm really seeing it more with the prom girls and it's just more of a defined look. It's a classic look," says makeup artist Michelle Michalak. "You can pair it with a red lip; you can pair it with a purple lip, pink; it just depends on what kind of style or dress color you're wearing."

She says you can get a cat eye without messing with that messy liquid liner, but you'll need these two ingredients -- a good brush and some dark eye shadow.

She says to start in the inner corner of your eye and start thin with the dark shadow, and flip the brush when you get to the outter part to give the cat eye effect. She gives us a tutorial, which you can watch in the video player above.

She says a cat eye looks best with metallic shadows and a defined brow.

No matter what look you go for, lock it in by dusting it with some translucent powder.

Tiffany and Michelle recomment keeping these things in your clutch: lipstick or gloss, your translucent powder, oil-blotting papers, breath mints and bobby pins.

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