Mardi Gras Gala at Washtenaw Community College

Washtenaw Community College Mardi Gras is the largest fundraiser and raises money towards scholarships for WCC students. This year's fundraiser is on Saturday, February 4 and the theme is Wizard of Oz.

All food is made by WCC culinary students with the guidance of faculty and renowned guest chefs from restaurants across the area.

Tickets are $200 each, and $100 of that is tax deductible. Black-tie attire is optional.

To order tickets, call (734) 973-3665 or visit for tickets.

Yield: 24-30 Truffles

Chocolate (Bitter, Semi-sweet, or Milk), 14 oz
Unsweetened Butter, 2 oz
Heavy Cream, 1 cup
Flavoring (Bailey’s Irish Cream, Vanilla, Rum, etc.), 2 tbsp
Nuts or Oreo Cookie Finely Ground, 1 -2 cups
or Cocoa Powder to Coat the Truffles                                                         

Method of Preparation:
• Place chocolate and butter into a bowl.
• Heat heavy cream until it comes just to a boil.
• Pour cream over chocolate and butter, let sit for 30 seconds and then stir until melted and smooth.
• Add flavoring.
• Chill until mixture can be scooped.
• Using a small ice cream scoop or tablespoon, scoop into balls and roll in ground nuts, ground cookie crumbs, or cocoa.
• Place on parchment lined tray and chill until firm.