Master acting class with Issac Ryan Brown

Twelve-year-old Isaac Ryan Brown's career took off after making his debut on America's Got Talent. 

The inner-city Detroit native has been back and forth between Detroit and L.A. for the past 6 years now, guest starring on major TV shows. He's currently starring in the Disney Channel hit series, "Raven's Home," alongside Raven Symone as her son, Booker. 

He's also motivates and speaks to students of Detroit Elementary and Middle Schools, and is involved each year for the Metro Youth Day.

He joined us in studio to tell us more about his new film "Kings," the second season of "Raven's Home," which will be premiering soon. You can hear frmo him in the video player above. 

He's also hosting a master acting class on Saturday, May 5 in Detroit. There's a morning and afternoon session. You must register to attend, though. For more information, email