Mosaic Youth Theatre

Mosaic's Detroit to Dakar spotlights how music bridges the gap between language, culture, and heritage.
Mosaic Young Artists cultural exchange debuted in the newest original show, Detroit to Dakar
DETROIT, MI (April 4, 2019) - Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit's Main stage singers and actors re-enact experiences from a 15-day cultural awakening exchange, traveling from Detroit to Dakar, Senegal in 2003. Detroit to Dakar exhibits the cultural, spiritual, and intuitive journey of youth from two different worlds forging a commonality between music, arts, and ancestry history. The story captivates the rich culture of Dakar, dialogue between Americans and African heritage, and the testament to the universal healing from the power of music. The show runs on May 11, 12, 18, and 19 at the Detroit Film Theatre located inside the Detroit Institute of Arts. Media preview day will be held on Saturday, May 11, 2019. Interviews are available upon request.
 "Detroit to Dakar is a story of journeys. Besides the thousands of miles these young artists traveled to get to Africa, the greater distance they traveled was within themselves. To dig deep into what it means to have African heritage and be an American, to be the descendants of people captured from Africa and enslaved in America, to feel very much like foreigners in Africa and outsiders in America - and to somehow make sense of all of this as many of them prepared to leave for their next journey, college," remarks Rick Sperling, Mosaic's founder and Director of Detroit to Dakar. "It is also about the journey that Mosaic has made over the past 27 years. When we started in 1992, there were 28 zealous young people who did everything - acting, singing, songwriting, playwriting, and tech. Our first set was held together by duct tape", Rick recalls, sharing the sentiments of what was once a dream.
Detroit to Dakar bridges the symbolism of Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit and the accessibility of arts and theatre for metro youth. The story documents Mosaic Young Artists' journey from an exchange with the John K. Kennedy Association of Dakar - an organization dedicated to create and encourage cultural participation and the arts in youth. Stories of youth intellect and human dependence explore intimate transformations while navigating the artist journey of the world today. Cultural exposure is integral for youth, and it allows them to become active participants in their communities and contributors to history.
While theatrical performances are what most metro Detroiters know Mosaic for, its mission expands beyond theatre. Nearly 500 young people ages 7-19 participate in out-of-school programs ranging from acting and vocal music ensembles, summer camp programs, and, to an annual college invitational, technical theater apprenticeships, and arts administration internships in addition to in-school programming at area schools. Its motto, "Only the Best Nothing Less" empowers Young Artists to achieve at their highest ability in school and on the stage.
Tickets for Detroit to Dakar are $20 for adults, $15 for seniors, and $10 for youth ages 5-18. For show times and to purchase tickets, visit Group discounts available. For questions and additional information, please or call 313.872.6910.