Motown Museum unveils new exhibit celebrating music's impact

The Motown Museum opened up a new exhibit this week. 

Reflections: Celebrating 60 years of Motown's Cultural Impact looks at how Motown's sound went on to shape and inspire the country. 

Collection David Ellis says this exhibit flips the script and puts the spotlight on the fans, and shows how they were affected over the years by the Motown sound. 

"You're going to see stories like [from] Oprah Winfrey. She talks about the first time she ever saw The Supremes on "The Ed Sullivan Show", and just how that impacted her life seeing three beautiful black women on stage. It let her know she could be something someday also," Ellis said. 

You can hear more about the exhibit and see a preview of it in the video player above. 

The museum is open 10-6 Tuesday-Saturday. Starting on May 1, the museum will also extend its summer hours, meaning it will be open on Sundays. 

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