New online tool matches your face to celebrities

Ever wonder which celebrity you look like? A new online tool that reveals your famous Doppelganger.

The analyzer doesn't pay attention to things like hair or eye color, though. The facial recognition identifes people by analyzing the shape of the face and 80 of its unique nodal points. It then compares your picture to its 10,000 celebrities on record - and many people are surprised at the accurate results.

We tested out Lee Thomas, Derek Kevra and Ryan Ermanni's matches Friday on The Nine.

Lee matched with L.A. Reid. Derek matched with Gabin Degraw, and Ryan matched with Colin Hanks. You can watch the video in the player above to see side-by-side photos.

The technology is called Clarifai. You can test it out for yourself online here. Look for the white oval that says "TRY YOUR OWN IMAGE" underneath the photo of Morgan Freeman to upload your photo.

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