Out and About: Pickleball classes at the Milford YMCA

It has nothing to do with a pickle -- but it does include a ball. Pickleball is badminton, tennis and table tennis all rolled into one.

The name comes from the dog of the guy who invented it. Apparently his dog, Pickles, would grab the ball mid-game and run off with it. While adorable, that's not actually how you play the game.

"The court itself is about half the size of a tennis court, and you are hitting with a composite paddle with a whiffle ball, in terms of winning the point just like a ping pong point or a tennis point," explains pickleball coach Larry Vanderroest. "You would move to the other side of the court, serve it again, and you would keep serving until you lose a point."

It's been around for 50 years and it's enjoyed by all age groups.

"A lot of people think it's more of an elderly sport, but we have a lot of kids that play at the middle school level all the way up until they can't play again," says youth sport director Nolan Procter.

FOX 2's Derek Kevra headed to the Milford YMCA to check it out. You can watch his report in the video player above.

They offer one-hour classes for beginners and advanced pleyers on Thursdays. The 6-week program costs $90. For more information visit http://ymcadetroit.org/carls/.