Pizza with a Mediterranean flare at Sicily's Pizza in Detroit

One thing about Detroit is the city is a melting pot of culture, and that's the case when it comes to eating at Sicily's Pizza. Owner Ali Beydoun is Lebanese, who prepares Italian food daily in Mexicantown.

The variety of pizzas at the shop at the corner of 25th and West Vernor Highway in southwest Detroit are also quite interesting. Some may say you get all of the food groups with a slice of pizza.

"So you have that Mediterranean diet that's really healthy. So some of the influence of course is going to affect my food," Beydoun says. It all starts with the dough.

"Our flour is never bleached," he says. "There's no chemical additives in it whatsoever. And then we have no sugars, the only oil they use is extra virgin olive oil. Fresh garlic. Fresh basil. And a great oregano."

When you enjoy a pie at Sicily's, you'll also notice the light, crispy crust.

"It is so light. It's fermented for three days."

No secret recipes here - it all comes down to the passion and process.

You can learn more about their pizza in the video player above.