Quench that Big Game Thirst

Most people think football, commercials and the food when it comes to the Super Bowl. But having the right drinks available can also make or break that big game celebration experience. Chef Jim from Two Unique Caterers of Royal Oak stopped by the Fox2 News studios Sunday morning to showcase some of the trendy drinks that will be popular during this year's big game, and some other tried and true classics. Such as the Georgia Sweet Tea, an intentional way of incorporating this year's host city, Atlanta.

Georgia Sweet Tea

  •  6oz sweet tea
  •  1oz peach flavored vodka
  •  Frozen peaches
  •  Directions: Combine tea and vodka over ice. Float a frozen peach as garnish

New England Black & Tan

  •  ½ bottle Samuel Adams Logger
  •  ½ bottle Samuel Adams Stout
  •  Directions: pour logger into chilled pint glass then pour stout over the logger

Battering Ram

  •  4oz Red Bull
  •  1oz vodka
  •  1oz tequila
  •  Splash of fresh lime juice
  •  Directions: Combine everything and serve over ice