Repeating elements in your decor with Jill of All Trades

This week on Jill of All Trades, Jill Washburn shows us a decorating trick that designers use all the time: repeating elements.  

That is, taking a single item and using multiples of it, or variations of it, for maximum impact. It can be as simple as a single candle votive.  

When used in groups, like Jill does on the ledge in her home's entryway, it can really make a statement.

Jill takes us through her house and shows us several examples of repeating elements. Sometimes using items that are identical; sometimes using items that are the same, but differ in size or scale; sometimes using items that are united by color or theme. Jill even uses that trick with some of her holiday décor.

Jill advises us to pick an item, an idea, a color, or a theme that resonates with us, and repeat it for eye-catching displays in our own homes. You can see her examples by clicking on the video player above.