Rescued Thoroughbred race horses at The Detroit Zoo

The Detroit Zoo is home to hundreds of wild and exotic animals, but they also give shelter to some domestic farm animals, too.

The horses at the Detroit Zoo come with a very special story. Trio and Buster are rescued Thoroughbred race horses. Trio is about 18 years old and Buster is 13 years old. They've been at the zoo since 2009.

Horse racers breed horses to specifically be very fast, and these horses often get retired or sometimes worse if they're not able to meet the racing standards. The Detroit Zoo works with CANTER rescue group, who placed both Trio and Buster at the Detroit Zoo.

Trio and Buster's outdoor area has just been doubled in size. The Zoo also has other farm animals, like donkeys, goats and yaks.

The Detroit Zoo also houses several other rescued animals, too. Ron Kagan, the zoo's director, says their employees have helped rescue about 30,000 animals all around the world. Not all have founded forever homes at The Detroit Zoo, but The Detroit Zoo has certainly had its hand in helping them.

"It's really important for us not just to be an exhibition, but to do meaningful things, both in terms of conservation and in terms of individual welfare," Kagan tells us.

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