Roop tries out Scotty O'Hotty reaper sauce

Roop Raj told the guys at Scotty O'Hotty sauce that the Ghost Pepper hot sauce wasn't hot enough so he went for the next level up: the reaper.

He's a brave soul. Scotty O'Hotty, the Detroit-based hot sauce, won the 2015 World Hot Sauce Awards with the Beer-Bacon Chipotle sauce. However, it's the reaper de muerte sauce that tickled Roop's taste buds.

Recipes from from a family book from the 1930s. The hot sauce recipes have been around for decades but Scotty only recently found the book and is prepared to make some of the recipes.

The ghost pepper sauce already had Roop sweating. Made from organic ghost peppers, roasted onions, bell peppers and spices.

Then Roop went for the Reaper de Muerte and even asked for a bit more! Made with moonshine, hard cider and peaches, it set Roop's mouth on fire.

Try it for yourself at the Michigan State Fair or click here for more.