St. Patrick's Day at Old Shillelagh in Detroit

Many in metro Detroit are celebrating St. Patrick's Day today by heading downtown to the iconic Old Shillelagh in Detroit. FOX 2's Maurielle Lue is there and takes us inside the celebration. You can watch her reports in the video player above.

Meanwhile, across the pond, tourism officials forecast a record crowd for the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dublin, which is the centerpiece of a weeklong festival celebrating Ireland's patron saint.

An estimated 125,000 visitors are joining hundreds of thousands of locals at Thursday's two-hour parade down O'Connell Street to St. Patrick's Cathedral in central Dublin.

In his St. Patrick's message the leader of Ireland's 4 million Catholics, Archbishop Eamon Martin, called on the faithful to pray for Europe to provide a better home for people fleeing war and poverty.

Martin described Patrick - a Briton originally brought to Ireland as a slave, who returned to spread Christianity across the pagan island - as an undocumented migrant, too. "I ask you to pray for refugees and for all displaced families," Martin said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.