Summer bike safety: be safe and be seen

Biking is fun and a great way to get some exercise. But, we need to stay safe so we can ride another day.

Forty nine percent of bicyclists are most often struck between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. in Michigan. Youth (ages 5-15) involvement in bicycle crashes in Michigan is higher than national statistics: 32.4 percent compared to 26.8 percent. That means nearly one-third of all young people in Michigan are involved in a bicycle crash and one-forth of those are fatal/serious.

Males are involved in 81 percent of all fatal bicycle crashes in Michigan. More than half of all fatal/serious injury bicycle accidents took place on two-lane roads.

Together, 25 and 30 mph streets (neighborhood and downtown streets) accounted for 75.5 percent of all bicycle crashes, but the majority of fatal bicycle crashes took place on streets/roads with a speed limit of 45 mph or greater even though they comprised only 19 percent of the crashes.

Lets Keep our family members safe…

  • Helmet use has been estimated to reduce head injury risk by 85 percent.
  • Helmets protect the most important thing you have…your brain.
  • Helmets should be worn by EVERYONE while they ride anything with wheels.
  • When crossing the street look LEFT, RIGHT and LEFT again
  • Learn hand signals to stay safe
  • Bike helmets should be replaced every 5 years, or after a severe crash If you ride your bike in the street:
  • Learn your hand signals
  • Be over the age of 10
  • Ride WITH traffic, not against it
  • Follow all speed limits and street signs
  • Wear lights, bright or reflective clothing

Renee Zarr, injury prevention education coordinator, joined us in studio to show us how to properly fit a helmet on a cild. You can watch in the video player above.

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