Swim like a dolphin with the NautBoard

Forget swimming with the dolphins, swim like the dolphins using the NautBoard.  

It's simple to use. While holding on to the board, you get pulled by the boat and whenever you're ready, you just dip the board down and go left or right under water. 

Unlike tubing or wakeboarding, it's very low intensity.

"You're going about 4 mph tops, but when you're under the water it feels like you're going 20 mph," says NautBoard pro Eytan Keidar. 

The lower speed, life jacket and buoy between the swimmer and the boat helps with safety concerns.

The NautBoard was designed and developed in Israel. The NautBoard Regional Distributor Gideon Keidar says NautBoards offer a simple difference to similar products.

"The difference between it and other conventional boards is that the swimmer is in the water rather than being on top of the water," says Gideon. 

Eytan says anyone can use the NautBoard and it is a good workout in your arms and core. 

"You're not going to see 90-year-old woman wakeboarding but she could really do this. It's that safe and that fun," says Eytan. 

Locally, Skiers Pier in Waterford is the only store to sell the board. The price is $149. 

For more information, check out www.nautboardusa.com.