Taste Test Tuesday with B. Nektar Meadery

The Nine gets a chance to taste test meads and ciders from B. Nektar Meadery in Ferndale.  It offers a variety of mead (alcohol made from honey as the fermentable sugar) and hard cider. Two of their best selling products are Zombie Killer (hard cider with honey and cherry, 5.5% abv.) and Punk Lemonade (hard cider with raspberry and lemon, 6.3% abv.).  B. Nektar's  first release for spring is #dragonsarereal, a cherry mead with cacao nibs (aka chocolate) and chipotle peppers aged in New Holland Dragon's Milk barrels, 14% abv.

Other Year Round Products:
Necro - Mango mead with black pepper, 6% abv.
Tuco-Style Freakout - Agave mead with lime, 6% abv.
Core Crusher - Bone-dry hard cider, 6.5% abv.

Spring Releases:
Stupid Man Suit - Hard cider with Balaton cherry, raspberry and black currant, 5.5% abv. (June)
Episode 13, 3 Year Reserve - Mead aged in bourbon barrels, 16.1% abv. (May 4th)
Zombies Take Manhattan - Apple mead with cherry, aged in rye whiskey barrels, 12% abv.

Other Noteworthy Products:
Believe - Apple mead, made for the TV show American Gods on Starz, 6.5% abv.  
Sanchez - Raspberry mead, 14% abv. (Also doing a variation of this for a May release with coffee and chocolate added, yum!)
A Street Called Wanda - Blueberry mead, 13% abv.

Upcoming Releases (no product available yet)
Vanilla Cinnamon - Mead with vanilla and cinnamon, inspired the opening of B. Nektar, 16% abv. (May)  
Rhube Strawberg - Strawberry rhubarb mead, 6% abv. (July)

B. Nektar
1511 Jarvis
Ferndale, MI 48220
phone (313) 744-6323