Technology changing the way millenials apply for jobs

As technology continues to advance, so does the way we apply for jobs.

Erin Winters, a 22-year-old Macomb resident, is the prime example of this. She's secured two jobs that have included a social, multi-media element in the application process.

She currently serves as Michigan First Credit Union's Young & Free Michigan Spokster -- and just snagged her next job as the first-ever digital correspondent for National Geographic. She joined us on The Nine to tell us more about the digital job search.

"I haven't shown anyone my resume since I graduated," she says. "I think in this [news/media] industry, people want to see what you can do."

Nowadays, the paper resume aspect still has its place but you're also showcasing yourself on social media or through videos you're asked to submit.

"My advice is to be yourself and to just take advantage of these [contest] opportunities, because they're out there," she says. "I see these opportunities all the time."

Erin's NatGeo gig is taking her to Washington, D.C. - so her spokster job is up for grabs here in Southfield. As expected, it includes a social and digital element in the application process.

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