The Winter Blast returns this weekend lasting four weekends in Detroit

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This year Winter Blast Detroit returns this weekend and lasting several weekends. 

Jon Witz producer of the Winter Blast Weekends says this year will consist of a weekend rotation of the bigger attractions while adding in some additional activities like marshmallow roasting, and ice skating. 

Fox 2: "Why did you want to do it this way, was this a collaboration of different ideas?"

"For sure it was, there's a lot of work that has been going into downtown led by the downtown Detroit partnership, Quicken Loans of course, a lot of summer activities and I think the discussion was let’s make this free let’s take the fences down and let’s interact the festival with all the local businesses that are emerging and restaurants and bars and shopping and make it free and flowing," Witz said.

Winter Blast starts this weekend, it will go for two weekends, then take off for the Super Bowl then come back for two more weekends. 

"It’s free skating weekend, so this is one of two weekends thanks to Delta Dental where we'll have free skating which is a big attraction. The second weekend we'll be making snow for snowboarding and skiing thanks to Boyne City Slopes and their great work where you can actually ski and snowboard in Downtown Detroit, when we come back we'll bring the slide in, the fourth weekend we'll have free skating and the zip line," Witz said.

Each weekend will consist of different food trucks mixing up the food taste for each weekend. Restaurants like Beans and Cornbread, and Nosh Pit are just a few of the food options making their way to Downtown this weekend. 

Dates are as followed for several fun winter weekends. 

January: 19-21 and 25-27
February: 8-10 and 15-17

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