Tips for hosting a stress-free Super Bowl party

When it comes to your Super Bowl party on Sunday, you'll want to score a touchdown without getting a stress flag thrown on the field.

Event planner Jennifer Shields joined Good Day Atlanta with tips for everything from creative nibbles to keeping the kids entertained.

Shields shared her seven tips for a stress-free event.

7 Tips for Hosting a Stress Free Superbowl Party

  1. Use an electronic invite to easily track guest list.
  2. Keep the menu simple. Think easy and portable.
  3. Plan on two drinks per person, per hour. Stick to beer, wine, soda, and water.
  4. Test drive your technology and set DVR to record the game the day before the party.
  5. Move bulky furniture. You can use rental chairs, camp chairs, even floor pillows and blankets to create extra seating.
  6. Create a kids area with coloring books, puzzles, and easy non-messy crafts
  7. Stay on top of cleanup by using paper products and placing multiple trash cans throughout the party space. Line them with fresh bags for easy swap outs.

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