Tips for managing dry skin in cold weather

Peeling, flaking, dryness - cold weather can really do a number on your skin.

Joining FOX 2 to tell us how to keep moisture in and keep our skin healthy is makeup expert Tiffany Elie. She says there are five things you can do to help your skin combat the cold:

1. Exfoliation

Removing the dead dry skin cells that act as a crust and make our skin look dry and flaky is important. By removing this layer, our moisturizer can penetrate better and work more effectively.

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2. Use the correct moisturizer

Your skin is made of oil and water. The less natural oil you have in your skin, the more you will need to replace it by using a moisturizer. In the winter, with the extreme weather we are having, you might need to step up your moisturizer.

Moisturizers come in levels of emoliance or richness, from a light weight lotion to a light cream, richer cream, to a cream so rich you can only use it at night because you would look like you have grease on your face.

A good rule of thumb - if you wash your face and apply your moisturizer and you feel like after it soaks in your need to apply another coat, then your moisturizer is not rich enough.

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3. Eye Creams

There are only three places on the body that don't produce oil - the palms of your hands, bottoms of your feet, and the delicate skin around the eye area. This is why you need an eye cream, otherwise you would just use your regular face cram and make it ophthalmologist tested.

Your eye cream is much richer and has more oil than your face cream.  It also may have special lifting quality, or reduces puffs or plumps up fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Don't forget those chapped lips

Lipsticks don't go on very nicely when your lips are flakey and dry.

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