Top 2 ways to score a job

What's the best way to score a new job these days? 

James Logan, a career coach with Hire Level Coaching in Detroit, says it's all in the resume and, to the surprise of some, a social networking site. 

1. Your Resume 
•    Resume is marketing document not a detailed account of your work history, recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing your resume 
•    It should highlight your accomplishments and the results that you can produce, as opposed to simply listing your duties
•    Bullet points should be organized in the Action-Context-Results format while quantifying your experience as much as possible

2.  Your LinkedIn profile 
•    LinkedIn is the second best way to get a job nowadays, second only to employee referrals
•    It's your electronic advertisement, it should communicate the value you can add to employers
•    The bio is the new resume. LinkedIn is so effective because it allows for a 2,000 character bio, employers hire people they like

Lastly, keep your cover letter in mind. It's the first interview. You have about 500 words to convince an employer to give you the interview, what would you say?

Your cover letter is an example of your written communication skills, thought process and ability to persuade. 

Be sure to give the reason why you're applying. Logan says that is missing in most cover letters, but it's vitally important!