Treating your summer-worn hair and skin

On this episode of Living the Life, we visit Salon Legato in downtown Farmington to get some advice on rejuvenating our summer-worn hair and skin. The heat, humidity and sun can really do some damage.

We also get some summer skincare tips from Dr. Anthony Youn:

  • To exfoliate skin of your body and keep it looking radiant -Add 2 tablespoons of plain sugar to your body wash, causing it to become an effective exfoliating body wash.  Use 2-3 times per week.  Use Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash ($8) and it can even reduce back acne (back-ne!)
  • Fix self tanner mistakes with baking soda and lemon juice - mix baking soda and a couple tablespoon of lemon juice together.  Using a loofah or a kitchen sponge, scrub the area of unevenness to make it look more even.
  • Repel sand with baby powder - Prior to going to the beach, sprinkle baby powder on your legs and the rest of your body.  It makes the sand easily fall off when you are ready to head home.
  • To prevent chaffing between and under the breasts, in the bottom, and under skin folds - apply Anti Monkey Butt - combines calamine and corn starch to dry and reduce irritation and inflammation ($7.50)
  • Foot soak - mix ¼ cup listerine, ¼ cup vinegar, and ½ cup warm water.  Dip feet into this and let sit for 15 minutes.  Rub with a soft cloth afterwards and the dead skin will fall right off. - I haven't done this yet but hear it works...
  • To prevent blisters from sandles and flip flops - spray an antiperspirant to your feet - Dove Antiperspirant Spray ($7) works well - and this will dry the areas out and help prevent the blisters.

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