U-M research lab creates Finie, AI technology for finances

You've probably heard of Siri, Alexa and Google Home -- but a more advanced intelligent assistant is being developed in Ann Arbor by a professor at the University of Michigan.

Jason Mars and his team have built what they believe is the most sophisticated artificial intelligence for creating intelligent assistance and conversational experiences. It's called Finie, and it connects you with your personal finances. The big difference is you can talk to it like you would a friend, you don't have to use fancy or proper English.

For example, Jason asks Finie how much money he spent on food in Ann Arbor over the last two years. In seconds - "About $3,952 -- about 5.29 percent of your total spending over the last two years."

You can watch in the video player above to learn more about Finie.

Mars hopes to see the technology in mobile banking apps across the country, and believes this is a way for customers to get info about their money in a real-time, pleasant conversation. 

You can read more about the technology and the research lab that founded it here