Wayne State University's 3rd annual Baroudeur

Saturday, August 19, Wayne State University is holding its third annual bike riding event, Baroudeur.

The cycling event is Michigan's largest urban 100 mile ride, and is held to raise money for student scholarships as well as to showcase the city of Detroit and its neighborhoods.

"Baroudeur is a great term; it's French for "warrior." And, you know, we're the Wayne State warriors," says Wayne State University President Roy Wilson. "The number isn't big - it's just in the $10,000 range - but it raises awareness and it's one of those things that grows."

Speaking of growing, the distance builds depening on what length you're comfortable with.

"There's a 20 mile option, a 62 mile option and a 100 mile option," Wilson explains. The course takes you all over metro Detroit.

"All the three rides start at Wayne State, goes around Belle Isle, goes down through Grosse Pointe, back up and up to Palmer Woods and then down, over the bridge onto Grosse Isle," Wilson says.

The previous two events averaged $10,000 for student scholarships, but, after seeing a similar event grow in Colorado, President Wilson hopes the same thing can happen here.

Registration for the event closes Tuesday night. You can find out more by going to bauroudeur.wayne.edu