1 dead, 1 injured and 1 fled scene of fatal I-75 crash

A fatal accident along I-75 early Friday morning has left one dead, one injured, and one on the run.

Police say they were alerted to the incident around 3 a.m. They believe speed was a factor and the car lost control, hitting an overpass along I-75 near 7 Mile Road.

The vehicle was also believed to be stolen.

A Michigan State Police spokesperson says one person was killed, another injured, and the third person fled the scene on foot.

"A lot of times the people that are stealing these cars are out joy riding in them," said First Lt. Michael Shaw of the Michigan State Police.

The accident shut down the entrance ramp for hours.

"This vehicle was stolen out of Troy. They heading down I-75 the driver going too fast. The driver lost control and went up the embankment and struck the bridge," Shaw said.

By the time emergency crews got to the scene it was too late to save the driver.

They were able to rush one of the passengers inside the stolen Ford Fusion to a nearby hospital where he remains.

But another man with them some how climbed out of the mangled wreckage and took off.

"The driver was killed. The backseat passenger is currently in critical condition and their partner in crime wasn't even nice enough to stick around with them and make sure they were OK," Shaw said.

It is a crime that very easily  could have claimed more lives should more people have been out on the roads.