1 week water shutoff warning alarms some Detroiters

Thousands of Detroiters hit with water shutoff notices are being told they have one week to pay up or else, but they aren't forking over cash without a fight.

“It's crazy, it doesn’t make any sense and I don't understand what's going on,” said Joe Bell, a Detroiter who just paid his water bill.

There is a lot of activity at Detroit's Water Department. Many are responding to shutoff notices.

“We just paid them in August, September, October, I don't understand,” said Tanya Louis who has just paid her water bill.

If you don't pay your bill the city puts this "door tag" on your house, which says your water will be shutoff in seven days. 

“What we're doing with those door tags is ensuring that the majority of them are in compliance with their payment plan,” said Curtrise Garner, a spokesperson for Detroit Water and Sewer.

Fox 2: “Could it be thousands of people?”

Garner: “I don’t know that it could be thousands of people, it could be ten people.”

Fox 2: “People are telling us the line was out the door yesterday and today.”

Garner: “It is the first of the month still, so that accounts for some of the line and some of the traffic. We are always busier the first two weeks of the month.”

The city tells us if you get a shutoff notice it means two things have happened. First, you owe at least $150 and you are two months behind.

You can also get a shutoff notice if you are behind on your payment plan.

“I was on the payment plan and I was one month behind. I got the shutoff notice,” said Owens.

The city says if you owe money you should work with the city.

“Sometimes it is just something you have forgotten to pay and the door tag is meant to remind people,” said Garner.