1-year old baby dies in flooded basement on Detroit's west side

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Detroit police are investigating the sudden death of a 1-year-old girl.

Apparently the mother had to leave. Leaving the baby in the care of other children in the home, when the baby fell through a hole in the floor. 

An empty baby stroller sits in the yard of the home where a 12 month of girl named Camya suddenly died.

The bizarre circumstances around her death causing police to investigate. 

The child allegedly somehow got into an opening in the floor, maybe an open vent on the main level. She fell through all the way into the basement which was filled with water.

Detroit police tell us the child's mother had to leave the home, leaving the baby in the care of other children there. The baby sitters were heading to the house when the fall happened. 

Neighbors say they saw the child being carried out on a stretcher after 10 pm Friday night. 

Detroit Police and crime scene investigators were at the home for several hours, no arrests have been made as of Saturday night.