10-year-old creates and sells all natural lip care line

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“When I grow up I want to be a contortionist or a dancer,” Elliot said. But, in the meantime, 10-year-old Christen Elliott of Detroit started her own company: an all-natural lip care line called Polished Puckers by Devani.

The idea came to her and her mother a few years ago.

“So when I was younger, I would suffer from dry chapped lips in winter time and my mom kept buying lip care items from the store but none of them really seemed to work,” she said. 

“Everything we were buying it was just a waste of money," said mom, Latoya Latham. "So came up with the idea to start using stuff we use around the house that was more natural, not too many chemicals or no chemicals at all and I started noticing a change. When I started noticing that change I had a little voice from God, "Start a business!” Then I presented it to her and she was so excited. She was like, yes, let’s do it now"

It wasn’t easy, but mom and daughter went to work creating the business. 

Their product is organic, gluten free, and chemical free and includes several flavors of lip balm, lip gloss and body scrub. And they make it all in their kitchen.

“Vibing Vanilla, Coolin’ Coconut, Blazin’ Banan; those are a few and we also have and for Valentines one called Charming Chocolate,” Christen said. 

“One of our short term goals is to be in a manufacturer and to give other people jobs that can help make products so we can get out of my kitchen and use it for dinner other things like that,” Latoya said. 

“My long term goal is be in big retails like Whole Foods and Walmart,” Christen said.

This small starter business has already seen big returns, selling thousands of products through social media, their website and of course word of mouth. 

“Very proud. Very, very, very exhausting but it is worth it at the end and it’s teaching her leadership, entrepreneurship so whatever she feels she wants to do she'll be able to do it,” Latoya said.

The next product she hopes to create is lipstick, when she’s old enough of course.

“When I get like 18 I think my mom will let me make lipstick,” she said with a smile.

But the friendly and focused 5th grader continues to look ahead, hoping to attend Yale or Harvard one day. Even if she becomes a contortionist or dancer one day like she hope’s she’ll always have Polished Puckers.

Interested in purchasing your own Polished Pucker, click to visit the website.