10-year-old's birthday request is donations to Children's Hospital

While dozens of kids showed up to celebrate Sam's 10th birthday with a glow party, he decided to ask for something else in place of presents this MLK Day of Service.

This year, Sam's birthday gift is to give to Children's Hospital.

"I'm giving my stuff to them," he said.

Sam's mom, Danna, says it all started when he made a vision board.

"He said he wanted to grow up and have a good profession and make a lot of money so that he could give it away," she said.

He also said he wanted to become an awesome Fortnite player.

"His third goal was he wanted to start making a difference now," Danna said.

No time like the present to give presents to others, especially other kids, who might be going through a tough time.

Someone might be in the hospital and their birthday is today and at the same time they can't come to a party or have a party so i'm splitting my party with them," Sam said.

Donations will be accepted until Jan. 31. To donate for Sam, go to