1,000 new Detroit apartments planned along QLine street car system development

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It is being called "The Platform"  a new development company bringing more than a thousand new apartments to three key Detroit neighborhoods.

The blueprints are being rolled out in yet another plan to bring back Detroit. Starting soon, more than 1,000 apartments and other business spaces, will be built in Midtown, Tech Town and New Center areas along the City's incoming Q-line where developers see a lot of potential.

"We think that for a city the size of Detroit and the importance of Detroit, there should be four or five really good, strong development companies," said Peter Cummings, the Platform. "All of whom are trying to do the work we want to do."

Construction in the QLine, a 3.3 mile long street car system is expected to be completed sometime next year, and developers will be ready for the influx of people that will bring.

Peter Cummings, son-in-law to the late Max M. Fisher, says $250 million is being invested into the mass renovations.

"We think it's important that those parts of the city start to be more heavily populated," he said.

Specific locations announced so far include the corner of Woodward and Baltimore, and 3rd and West Grand Boulevard. In addition, Albert Kahn Associates has been hired to renovate the Fisher Building and the Kahn Building.

"We really are passionate about the redevelopment of this whole area and of these buildings," said Alan Cobb, CEO of Albert Kahn Associates. "They're on the national Historic Register."

The iconic elevators, trim, and 58 types of marble from all over the world inside both buildings, will be worked into the updated design, as they are modernized, including air conditioning.

Other renovation projects have yet to be announced.

"They are going to look a lot better and you're going to see a lot more people," Cummings said.