1,000 origami cranes and a $100k donation from Taiwanese youth to Warren Ukrainian students

Taiwanese youth presented 1,000 origami cranes to Warren Ukrainian students as well as a donation made towards humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

"We put together our effort to try and make this transition as easy as possible," said Janny Lu, a co-organizer.

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The cranes are a symbol of peace and longevity shared across eastern cultures and were presented to show solidarity with Ukraine.

"The crane is very symbolic in Chinese culture and Taiwanese culture as well as Ukrainian. So, it's a beautiful act of solidarity with what's going on in Ukraine," said Anya Nona, a co-organizer.

The event was held at the School of Ukrainian Language and Culture in Warren.

"The Taiwanese community is deeply saddened by what's happening in Ukraine and our hearts go out to every single Ukrainian family and their children," said Lu.

"We would reciprocate the same for any other community that's been helping us. So, I think it's important to connect and show each other that there is support," said Nona.

Along with solidarity, the statement of the event was a stand against authoritarianism and Russian aggression.

"Ukraine is one country that is currently fighting totalitarianism and an invasion by a neighboring state that doesn't believe this country ever existed or should exist," said Andriy Preklita from the School of Ukrainian Language and Culture. "That is Putin's lie that Ukraine has never been a country despite Ukraine having a language that goes back 1,000 years, despite Russian propaganda."

"The whole world sees how Ukraine and Ukrainian people are fighting for the freedom of our country for our democracy and for our completely different future," said Olga Novatchinski from the School of Ukrainian Language and Culture.

The Detroit Taiwanese Emergency Assistance Association raised $5,000 for humanitarian aid to Ukraine and STUF United Fund donated $100,000.

The event was organized by the Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan and the Detroit Taiwanese Emergency Assistance Association.