Share Detroit co-founder launches platform to help Ukraine

Share Detroit helps people find charities in need of help in the city.

Co-founder Sam Rozenberg, who was born in Ukraine, decided to apply the same concept to help his home.

"Complete injustice. It's an atrocity. It's a genocide in the making," he said.

So, he set up a digital portal with links to help Ukraine during the Russian invasion.

"I have a mechanism by which I find organizations in Ukraine that are actually doing humanitarian work on the ground, and I can vet them first hand," he said.

One of those places is the UA Crisis Response, an organization of community and business leaders working to help Ukrainians.

"We have communication now with both Ukraine and Poland So there’s humanitarian aid that's leaving out, and we’ve worked out logistics," said Andre Vygnanski with UA Crisis Response.

Visit Share Ukraine here.