11 Troy Beaumont delivery nurses all pregnant

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Eleven nurses who deliver babies are all pregnant at the same time at Beaumont hospital in Troy. 

"I'll have three boys under the age of two. Whew, it’s going to get wild," Megan Copacia said.

Megan Copacia isn’t kidding, she’s a busy mom and nurse who is about to get a lot busier with twin boys on the way. 

But so are the other 10 ladies who work in the labor and delivery unit at Beaumont Hospital in Troy. 11 of their 107 pregnancy nurses in that unit are pregnant.

"It's just the time of our lives that we're at and we have a lot of young females working here, I don't think it's something in the water," Katie Hoenle said.

Whatever caused this coincidence, it surly creates a pretty remarkable visual.

Before they were showing, many of them already knew about the others. 

"A lot of us knew each one of us was pregnant before a lot of our families, when you're eating only pasta people know," Copacia said.

Meghan and Katie Hoenle have C sections scheduled for the same day at Beaumont.

“If we both go on that date and have our C-sections as scheduled I think we’ll probably be roaming the halls with our babies together,” Hoenle said. 

These nurses are caring for one another through their pregnancies and they certainly get what childbirth is all about.

The place cards they held have the lady’s due dates which range from February to August. So while they’ll be on maternity leave during those times the hospital hired some additional nurses and will stagger them through the day and night shifts so they are completely covered.