11-year-old rape victim provides brave testimony in court

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The abandoned house in Highland Park where the crime is said to have happened.

But she refused because there was water downstairs - so he told her to wait in the bathroom.

"But he never came back so I had went out the back window," she said.

The child ran to a nearby gas station for help- investigators say they have a DNA match and a written confession. But supporters of Dewberry say that's not the man they know.

"I believe he's innocent," said Steven Willis. "I don't know this man's character in any form or fashion to be like that - we uplift the community."

"I wanted to see that they have DNA evidence and that they have a confession and if they have that," said Ewanda Wyndella. "That makes me think rationally, not emotionally."

Prosecutors say that evidence will be presented at trial.

"What he did was a really horrible thing," Weingarden said. "And we will probably be going to trial and more facts will come out then."

Weingarden praised the victim - just a little girl - but a strong witness.

"She's very strong, very courageous," Weingarden said. "And she's helping us get someone off the streets who did something really awful/"