12-year-old electrocuted on Detroit's west side

A young girl has been electrocuted in Detroit from a low-hanging power line.

The girl, 12 years old, was playing in the backyard of a house on Detroit's west side.

The incident took place around 8 p.m. 16700 block of St. Mary's near Grove.

Police say she was playing with a 14-year-old friend, taking videos of each other. They moved from the front yard to the backyard, where the 12-year-old encountered the wire.

Neighbors said the moment they smelled something similar to burning hair, they knew something was wrong.

They said the line has been down for months, and that they have made several calls about getting it fixed.

"It's been roped off over a month and a half,"  said neighbor Charles Hicks. "They had yellow tape up here blocking the alley off. It takes for a young girl to get killed for them to come out and fix the wire."

DTE is aware of the situation and says in a statement, "The incident that occurred tonight was tragic, and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the young lady.

We are working with the city and other agencies as they investigate this unfortunate event. The electrical line was part of the city’s electrical system. We will continue to work with the city to fully understand the circumstances."