12-year-old hit, killed while crossing Telegraph near Ford Road

Chaos and heartbreak outside of a Dearborn Heights barber shop, where Hussein Almamory was working Saturday night.

“I just got done cutting him and he went out to have a cigarette and he heard a big boom and after that he came running into the barber shop saying some girl got hit,” Almamory said. 

That 12-year-old girl was hit in the middle of Telegraph, near Ford Road in Dearborn Heights. FOX 2 was told that she was crossing Telegraph with her twin brother. 
A doctor happened to be in the barber shop during the time of the incident. 

“We all ran out there and the doctor ran into the middle of the street and he tried to live her like CPR or something just trying to do his job,” Almamory said.

“He knew right away he even told us before she got in the ambulance she’s done. He didn’t want to say it but,” Almamory said. 
Sadly, the child passed away. The Wayne County Medical Examiner confirmed the victim is 12-year-old Chelsi Evans.
The driver that hit Chelsi stopped. It’s unclear if he or she will be facing any charges.  
“My best wishes, prayers out to their whole family,” Almamory said. “I know their mom is going through it and especially the brother because he witnessed it.”