14-year-old arrested for shooting 40-year-old twice in Roseville on video

A 40-year-old was shot twice Monday afternoon and Roseville police have a 14-year-old suspect in custody.

The victim is hospitalized and according to his family he’ll need surgery. Video has surfaced showing a first-hand look at the shooting itself, which happened near Roseville Middle School and Steenland Elementary School.

In a social media video, a man wearing red pants is shot and falls to the ground. He gets up as the person recording drives away.

The victim was struck twice said Carl Reaves, who says the victim is his nephew’s father.

"Once in the chest and once in the arm," Reaves said. "He approached my nephew and told him he was going to shoot him. And he pulled out a gun and my nephew's father was right there."

And according to Reaves, the suspected teen shooter had some history with his nephew’s siblings.

"His sisters had some incident with this kid who did the shooting and they had to make a report about him," he said.

And when he saw the video that was posted to Instagram he was shocked.

"I just couldn’t believe it," Reaves said. "It showed me that no one wants to fight."

Police say even though students had been dismissed, both Steenland Elementary School and Roseville Middle School were put on lockdown as a precaution.

Police responded and say they chased down the suspect - arrested him and found the gun.

"Everyone is shaken up and my nephew, seeing his dad get shot," Reaves said. "That’s traumatizing."

The 14-year-old is being held while detectives prepare to hand the case over to the prosecutor for charges.

"You want to act like an adult? We will treat you like an adult," Reaves said.

The victim will undergo surgery tomorrow.

The district says that the elementary school was locked down because class was still in session. The middle school had already let out for the day so anyone remaining in the school sheltered in place until the suspect was in custody.